Cohen Commission

I developed and designed the site starting from the beginning of the commission, and managed it until the commission terminated. This site ended up being several thousand pages in size with over 2000 exhibits which all had to be uploaded and displayed dynamically. The pages themselves ranged from simple static HTML pages to PHP pages pulling information from a database including PDF documents, images, flash animations and videos.

A major component was a custom hearings scheduler which allowed my co-workers to login and schedule hearings, enter witnesses, and testimonies and upload exhibits during the hearings. Schedule, testimonies and witness information was available to the public as soon as it was entered, while exhibits became available the moment they were marked as an exhibit during court proceedings.

I also created a flexible submissions process to allow the public to conduct discussions on our website. A submission would trigger an internal workflow that included reviewing submissions for appropriateness and translating them into French prior to publication.

Braidwood Inquiry

At this stage in my career I was working on three different commissions - the Cohen Commission, the Davies Commission and this commission. I had become known in Government circles for creating well designed, highly organized and feature rich web sites. There were opportunities with other commissions that I had to decline during this time.

I was able to complete all three projects on schedule and on budget, while providing easy to use and feature rich websites.

At the Braidwood Commission I created and managed their website from start to termination of the commission. The site incorporated a mix of static and database driven pages and included a custom hearings scheduler.

Davies Commission

With the Davies Commission I wanted to make a site that looked attractive yet was respectful of the situation. I created a site with more conservative colours that would reflect the nature of the inquiry.

Salt Spring Island

For the Salt Spring site, our client wanted us to focus on portraying the beauty of the island. We created a Virtual Photo tour of the island that includes a background of original musical by a local musician. In addition the site is full of photos depicting many aspects of Salt Spring Island life.